Ten Top Blues Albums

Streaming Music has it's place, but a vinyl or CD of a complete album is a much better musical experience. The album may be specifically crafted, or have so much great music, that it becomes a must-have in that format.

Here are  10  Albums  that need to be in your collection, if you dig the blues like we do.

Fathers & Sons- Muddy Waters- Check Out Long Distance Call. Muddy's slide guitar is a nasty sound..."Another mule is kickin' in your stall!"

In Step- Stevie Ray Vaughan- Great album from  a Texas Grayboy.

Live At the Regal- BB King- Piano player is schoolin' us.  BB, "The World's Greatest Blues Singer."

Live Wire Blues Power- Albert King- Stevie Ray Vaughan's musical template. A complete showcase album.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band-Paul Butterfield- smokin ' rhythm section, killer harp, and Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop on guitars .  Their is no better argument for buying the album. Every track is awesome, requires an adult beverage.

Endless Boogie- Johnny Lee Hooker- "Talkin' "bout the back rent."..- Blues for Jimi & Janis

Fleetwood Mac- Fleetwood Mac Blues Band- Peter Green & the Gang, English Grayboys with the Blues.

The Allman Brothers Band- Allman Brothers- Created Southern Rock, Best Southern Blues band, monster Jams.

 The Best Of Junior Parker- Junior Parker- Gritty Texas Horn blues- Bobby Bland's Houston Peacock Band

Cut You Loose- James Cotton- His best album. Exquisite arrangements. Awesome harmonica, piano & tenor sax.

More To Come!

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