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Configuration: The Midnight Flyer Trio.

Experience Blues Magic with the Midnight Flyer Trio: AnUnforgettable Musical Experience Awaits! Immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of the Midnight Flyer Trio, an versatile acoustic blues ensemble that delivers an unforgettable musical journey. When you book this talented trio, you're not just hiring musicians – you're securing an evening of Entertaining and versatile mix of blues, classic country and funny songs that will leave you captivated. The Midnight Flyer Trio delivers a unique blend of masterful guitar, heartfelt male & female vocals, and tasty harmonica from Jim Luke that transport listeners to the heart of authentic blues. Midnight Flyer Trio creates an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and contemporary. From smoky jazz clubs to intimate gatherings, their performances are tailored to elevate any event.

 The Midnight Flyer Trio delivers: include: 

Soulful Guitar: Enjoy the skillful interplay of guitar and harmonica, featuring the masterful guitar work of Dan Arcienaga. Captivating Vocals: Jim & Mary Luke charm audiences with passionate and soulful vocals that tell stories of love, loss, and the human experience. Versatile Repertoire: Delight in a diverse setlist that pays homage to blues legends while also showcasing classic country and fun novelty tunes like “ Give Me Back My Wig”, and “Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me” To learn more about how the Midnight Flyer Trio can elevate your event with their acoustic blues magic, click the button below.

Configuration: Groove to the Beat with the Midnight Flyer Quartet and Drummer Description:

 Elevate your event with the rhythmic power of the Midnight Flyer Quartet featuring our funky Drummer, Jon Fisher. This configuration adds a dynamic element to our performance, creating an infectious groove that will have everyone on their feet. With guitar, bass, harmonica, and drums working in together, the Midnight Flyer Quartet brings an energetic and vibrant atmosphere to any occasion. We Deliver: 

● Dynamic live performance and a variety of dance beats, from New Orleans Blues rhumbas, to gritty Texas shuffles, and lots more.

 ● 3 vocalists in group

 ● Customizable setlist to suit your event

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Configuration: Quintet with Saxophone Headline: Jazz up Your Event with our Saxophone Quintet

 Description: If you're looking to infuse a touch of jazz into your event, the Midnight Flyerour Quintet with Saxophone is the perfect choice. Alongside guitar, bass, harmonica, and vocals, the addition of the saxophone brings a sultry and sophisticated element to our performance. WOur saxophone sound includes a versatile mix of vocal and instrumental tunes, including tenor and baritone saxophone for a rich and textured sound that's bound to captivate your audience.

 Midnight Flyer Quntet provides: 

● Versatile dance music with Guitar, Sax & Harmonica soloists. 

● Smooth saxophone melodies complementing the ensemble

 ● Jazz-inspired renditions of popular tunes 

● Interactive and engaging musical experience 

● Bonus Female Vocalist 

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