"Experience the Soulful Rhythms of Midnight Flyer: Masters of Harmonica and Horn-Driven Party Blues & Jazz"

Explore our story, the 40 year journey of Jimmy Luke and the Midnight Flyer Band – a Melodic Tale Ignited by Texas Horn Blues from Houston to Austin. Our story begins in Houston, Texas, when I was introduced to Big Walter, the Thunderbird in 1983, by Jerry Lightfoot. Big Walter, a great Houston Vocalist and Piano Player, needed a band for a Juneteenth Festival he had been invited to. So Jerry and I put together a horn band, so Big Walter could perform his recordings like the originals made at Peacock Records. His horn charts were created by Joe Scott, who charted horns and led the recordings of Bobby Bland and Junior Parker at Peacock Studios in Houston. I had previously had a blues band in Tampa, Florida, but had to add horns to the group that was then started by my friend, Charlie Bickley and I, that became Midnight Flyer. {Band W/ Charlie Image & Teeny Weeny Bit Audio} We wanted a band in the great tradition of Texas & Louisiana Blues Horn bands, like T-Bone Walker, The Fabulous Boogie Kings, and Edgar Winter’s White Trash Band. The original Midnight Flyer Band was the template for today's Midnight Flyer, with the blues/funk of Houston, mixed in with Chicago-style h armonica and the fat sound of a Texas Horn section.

Big Walter

On the cover of Living Blues magazine, with great articles about Walter along with many Texas musical greats.

Midnight Flyer’s Commitment:

  •  Respect For the Musical Roots of Texas Music: Our commitment to authenticity ensures a musical experience that goes beyond notes and rhythms, with heartfelt performances and hip-shaking fun for every listener!
  •   True Partnership in Show or Event Planning: We're not just a band; we're your partners in crafting unforgettable events. From the initial planning stages to the final encore, count on us to collaborate closely, understand your vision, and bring it to life. Our commitment to being true event partners ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for you. 
  •  Spreading the Fun & Joy of Texas Dancin' Blues! Experience the Gumbo of Texas and Louisiana dance rhythms, good lookin’ Texas Shuffles, New Orleans Blues Rumbas, Houston Blues/Funk & Classic Country.
  •  Midnight Flyer has unique musical themes, including Mardi Gras music, Blues Brothers theme , Romantic Jazz, and hard-drivin' Texas Horn Blues.  We can also provide a set or two of Classic Country

Why Hire Midnight Flyer?


● Unique Musical Themes: Midnight Flyer brings a diverse musical palette to your events, featuring distinctive themes like Mardi Gras music, the iconic Blues Brothers vibe, soulful Romantic Jazz, and the high-energy pulse of hard-drivin' Texas Horn Blues.

● Versatility in Sound: Unlike other bands with a limited three-piece setup, we boast a rich and dynamic ensemble, ensuring a fuller, more immersive sound experience. 

● Inspired Performances: Our acts are characterized by passion and inspiration, creating a magnetic connection with the audience. Each performance is a unique and memorable journey through the heart and soul of blues and jazz. 

● Thoughtful Volume: We strike the perfect balance between intensity and consideration. Midnight Flyer understands the importance of volume control, ensuring an enjoyable experience for every listener without overwhelming the atmosphere. 

● Up-tempo Danceable Music: Get ready to hit the dance floor! We pride ourselves on delivering up-tempo, danceable music that keeps the energy high and your guests moving!



● Limited Sound Palette: Many other bands confine themselves to a predictable three or four piece lineup, limiting the range and diversity of the music. 

● Uninspired Performances: Some acts lack the spark and passion that defines Midnight Flyer. Our commitment to delivering inspired performances sets us apart.

 ● Excessive Volume: Unlike us, certain bands fail to find the right balance in volume, creating an uncomfortable and overpowering atmosphere that hinders the overall enjoyment of the music.


Time line

The banding together of Midnight Flyer was inspired by Big Walter the Thunderbird, with his horn tunes like Gamblin’ Woman, when I had the honor of playing with him in Houston in 1983-84 . My subsequent experience with the early Midnight Band in Houston gave me the opportunity to perform in the last major American  city to have a vibrant black blues community, led by musicians like Albert Collins, a great friend of Big Walter’s. I was also inspired by seeing the fabulous Jazz drummer, Buddy Rich, with an entire group of graduates from the world-famous One O'clock Lab Band of North Texas State. I realized then how deep Horn Blues & Jazz are in the soil of Texas.

What I believe

Believing in the Power of Heartfelt Performances: Where Music Inspires Dance and Enchants Audiences

All of us in the band firmly believe that music is a service to our audience . Our performances are not just about the sound; they're about the emotions we evoke, the memories we create, and the joy we spread. Join us on this journey where every performance is a testament to our unwavering commitment to playing from the heart, performing for the audience, and inspiring the joy of Texas Boogie!