My name is Jim Luke, and I am the bandleader of the Midnight Flyer Band. We are a horn-happy band, based in Austin Texas. Our musical genres are Rhythm and Blues, Swing, Funky Jazz and Dance Party Music. We are influenced by great Texas artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Winter Brothers, and styles like Houston Funky Blues and Louisiana music, as well as classic Soul and Country. Our dynamic horn-driven performances and  diverse musical repertoire ensures our performance is unforgettable. And, we love to make folks dance!.

 Unleash the Brass with our 6-Piece Configuration


When you want to make a grand musical statement, our 6-Piece Band with two horns is the ultimate choice. This configuration boasts an impressive lineup of guitar, bass, harmonica, 3 vocalists, and a powerful duet or even trio of horns. The result is a bold, brass-driven performance that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

 Midnight Flyer Band provides: 

● Live performance with a 6 or 7-piece band featuring two or three horns 

● Custom arrangements adding depth and intensity to the music

 ● Show-stopping renditions of swingin' Horn Blues, Funky Jazz, Bluesiana, and Texas Party Music 

● An unforgettable, high-impact musical experience 


Midnight Flyer Quintet: Our five-piece configuration features one horn, and showcases the versatility of the band, without affecting our dynamic impact. Here is an example of the Quintet:


Here is a sample of our Midnight Flyer “Classics” Repertoire:

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